Asian Youtube Stars Encourage Asian Stereotypes?

Stereotypes happen so frequently that we have become so oblivious to it in our daily lives. It has become a social norm and a form of easy humour we see on TV and all over social media today.

There are many Youtube stars that make videos based on Asian stereotypes but are these videos encouraging these stereotypes? We can see this being portrayed by Youtube stars MyChonny and JK films and how they portray these Asian stereotypes in their videos. The video below is an example of what some of these Asian stereotypes are.

This video highlights Asian stereotypes and uses it as a platform for humour. A lot of the stereotypes that were in the video surrounded the Asian parents as the parents are the target for most Asian stereotypes. These stereotypes hover around the theme of perfection. Most Asians are expected to achieve high standards in academics and play some sort of instrument.

We repeatedly see these stereotypes in movies and TV shows allowing us to begin believing that these stereotypes define who we are. The effect of social media on individual self-esteem can be strong as some may feel accepted into society by meeting these expectations. Social media is so powerful that it characterises an ideal image for every race, and culture. It can provoke individuals to feel insecurities and influence bullying which demonstrate the 4 dangers of stereotyping:

1. Marginalisation of people (usually in negative ways)

2. An inaccurate Representation of Diversity

3.Signals sent about ‘proper roles’

4.The Ultimate Attribution Error.

When we marginalise people, we exclude them and set people apart; generally in  negative ways. We also misconceive the culture, making judgements on what we believe is true depicted by the media. When we assume someone is from a certain country or make assumptions about their race, these are signals we receive stereotyping them in that way. Usually, people behave the way they actually are or, behave the way society tells them how they should behave.

In my opinion, stereotypes does create cheap humour for TV shows, Youtube videos. The consequences are beyond the surface. I think stereotyping can lead to the act of bullying and social matters. Stereotypes can influence how people behave but I also believe it is important for us to understand that we control how these stereotypes can affect us. I also think it is important for people to understand that everyone is different. That difference should be celebrated, and not viewed negatively.

Wenyung Keh


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