President of the U.S., Topic of the World

What better person to reach out to a large audience about immigration than Donald Trump? Donald Trump has become well known for expressing his opinions on issues via Twitter. He has made his opinion regarding immigration clear through his tweets where he discusses the future border and the benefits from separating immigrants from the U.S.. This link shows several tweets from Donald Trump on the issue of immigration.

The tweet to the left, where Trump Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 8.10.38 AM.pngstates “we must build a wall” and tags a photo of a Mexican man holding signs showing Mexican support for Trump, raised a lot of individuals’ emotions. People replied asking the year the photo was taken and how much they paid the man holding the sign, while also projecting other angry remarks. However, there were also some replies in favor of Trump which mostly stayed around the idea of protecting American citizens in whatever way needed; they believe Americans are superior to people from other countries.

These tweets have created great tension between other countries and the United States. Since Donald Trump has been voted into presidency, his tweets, such as the one above, have a more powerful meaning. His position comes with great power where every action and word affects the rest of the country. Instead of the U.S. and Mexico being civil and seeing each other as equals, people are using social media sites like Twitter to virtually attack each other, creating conflict between countries.

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 8.30.15 PM.pngIn another instance, Trump has created an extreme influence on citizens’ perspective on racism. As a result of his beliefs, supporters have displayed acts of racism not only directly, but publicly as well. I have found a list of specific tweets that display the tension growing between different races. For example, Muslims state that they fear their safety by wearing their hijab, a symbol of their beliefs and religion. This is battling the idea that the United States is a country for opportunity and equality, because supporters of Donald Trump promote white power and the exclusion of minorities.

Immigrants continue having an unfair advantage due to their different backgrounds, and Trump’s policies and influences have not helped this issue. We are constantly flooded with comments of discrimination through social media sites that are noticed worldwide. Although President Donald Trump is a leader of the United States, he has made a significant impact on relationships between different cultures and backgrounds.


-Kaya & Aleena


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